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WAT-Word Association Test

Some matter on WAT(word association test) Day -2 Second test after TAT conducted by Psyc
SSB(Sab Sach Bol)-But be diplomatic in your approach

Basically in all the tests they are looking for:-

OLQ’s as

1. Effective intelligence- Head
2. Reasoning ability- Head
3. Organising ability- Head
4. Power of expression- Head

5. Social Adaptability-Heart
6. Co-operation- Heart
7. Sense of responsibility- Heart

8. Initiative- Gut
9. Self confidence-Gut
10 Speed of decision-Gut

11. Ability to influence the group- Heart
12. Liveliness- Heart

13. Determination- Legs
14. Courage-Legs
15. Stamina-Legs

Wat (word association test)

Imagination-Imagination creates foresight.
Truth-A truth is always victorious.
Early-An early riser is always a high riser in life.
Admire-To admire others is to motivate them.
Strong-Strong will power leads the way to success.
Curiosity-Curiosity builds knowledge.
Laughing-Laughing reflects a happy mind.
Sympathy-Sympathy projects kindness.
Character-character is the pillar of personality
Bind-Blind trust is created by the good leader.
Score-High score projects high achievements
Strict-Strict rules creates discipline.
Plan - Planning avoids various problems.
Hope - Hope removes all types of fears& doubts.
Uniform - We can’t buy the uniform, we have to earn it.
Brave - Brave always take the stand.
Mechanic - Mechanisation improves the system performance capacity.
Confidence - Confidence is the only key to success.
Action - Action always speaks louder than words.
Mother - Mother is the symbol of true love.
Mother - Mother teaches us the way to lead the life successful.
Save - Money saving is also a method of investment.
Drink - When we boil drinking water it becomes free from all types of bacteria.
Impossible - Proper planning of work makes it impossible to possible
Life - Life is full of joys& sorrows.
Fear - Brave don’t know the meaning of fear
Understand – Good Understanding is required for better relationship.
Heart - The heart is the pumping system of body.
Fit – Fitness is biggest wealth.
Good – The present inflation in Indian economy is good.
Playground - Eden Gardens is the biggest cricket playground of country.
Leader – Narender Modi is a mass leader of the country.
Time – The times planet is in New York.
Responsibility – We always bears family responsibility and forgets social responsibility.
Book – Books are the biggest source of knowledge.
Sword – The Army flag consists of two crossed swords.
Mountain – The Himalays is the highest mountain peak.
Leaf – The “last leaf” is a novel.
Will - The will power can solve any kind of problem.
Influence – The young generation influences the whole country.
Travel - Train is the cheapest mean of travel.
Poor - Help the poor
Fail – Proper planning avoids the failure
Think - Think before you act.
Problems – The problems should be analysed with multiple situations.
Save – The saving of rain water improves the ground water level.
Wine – The wines are made up of grapes used to cure minor ailments.
Whenever you come across any negative word, try to do it by hit and trial method as one of friend told me who is Major Indian Army.
Example -
Accident-precautions overcomes accident
Cruel-kindness removes cruelty.
Defeat-Courage overcomes sense of defeat.
Disaster- rehabilitation overcomes bad effect of natural disaster.
Bitter- sweet behaviour overcomes bitter behaviour.
And please keep in mind don’t use quote, dialogue and facts in sentences as they are considered as borrowed idea and don’t reflect any of your personality traits. 
Speed-Speed thrills but kills.
Pinch-Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.
Sun-Sun rises from the east and sets in west.
In 60 words try to attempt all the words don’t leave the word in between whenever you do so it shows whenever you will get tough task you will escape from it. Try to keep in mind the sequence of the word as one missed word can ruin your all test as there are 60 blank lines.
That’s all from my side,to give a brief always try to put the above olq’s in the wat,practice ,practice and more practice is the only way to crack it. You can share the practice with me.
Don’t take tension be natural and surely you will sail through.
Mail me or message me for your any other queries.
Vikrant Vijayant Singh

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